Our Expertise

Data-Shield was formed in 2004 by a core of senior technical staff from several leading storage and networking vendors. Among our staff, we have consultants, support and implementation specialists with decades of deep technical expertise on a wide range of equipment. This position allows us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of unbiased IT support solutions technical consultancy, implementation and maintenance services across networking, storage and security on behalf of data centres. Our technical teams hold over 43 specialist technical qualifications and skills sets that are of value to enterprise customers, service providers and local government organisations. The extensive skills list includes:

McData Certified Fabric Professional
Certified Lannet Switching Engineer
Brocade Certified Fabric Professional
PR203 (7500 multi protocol router) Technician
McData IP SAN Implementer
CNT Edge3000 Installation & Service Technician
CNT USD-X Installation & Service Technician
CNT ChanneLink Installation & Service Engineer
CNT UMD Advanced Service Workshop
Xiotech Advanced CXE
PVSN Application & Probe Training
SANbox2 technical expert
Telenex 2700 Matrix Switch Maintenance & Troubleshooting expertise
InRange FC9000 Administration Expert
InRange FC9000 Installation & Service Technician
Dataswitch 1800/2400 Switch Installation and Service Technician
InRange CD9000 Administration Expert
InRange CD9000 Installation/Service Technician
Brocade Level 2 support capability for DCX Data Centre Backbone, Fabric OS, EFCM and Fabric Manager
Brocade Level 2 support for Brocade 300, 5100, and 5300
Brocade Level 2 support for 7500 multi protocol router
EMC Platform Engineer EMCPE Clariion
EMC Platform Engineer EMCPE VNX & VNX2
Data Domain Implementation Engineer (EMCIE)
InRange 8200 Series Installation and Service Training
Telenex 2700 Matrix Switch Lan/Wan CE Training
ADVA FSP-I Certified Installation & Service Technician
ADVA FSP-II Certified Installation & Service Technician
ADVA FSP 2000 Certified Installation & Service Technician
ADVA FSP 500 Certified Installation & Service Technician
Ciena CN2000 Certified Installation & Service Technician
Ciena CN4200 Certified Installation & Service Technician
HD Converter System Service Training
InRange 9801 SNS Installation/Service
Dataswitch 1800/2400/3600 Switch Installation/Service
CCNA 1 Networking Basics
CCNA 2 Routing and Routing Basics
CCNA 3 Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
CCNA 4 WAN Technologies



“Data-Shield helped us avoid an expensive upgrade and reduced the costs and complexity of our maintenance and support. ” UK Major Online Retailer