Brocade End of Life support

Many businesses today have evolved and grown over a number of years. During this evolution companies grow organically and in the process they buy into components of primary and secondary SANs which are sourced from a multitude of vendors.

This can present problems, so it's important to prevent these problems from arising in the first place. This is when finding a one service-provider, who can audit and maintain support services across the whole data network, is invaluable.

When product EOL looms large

If you are an IT service provider or a big data centre, the likelihood is that you have purchased and integrated networking products from Brocade, either directly or indirectly. If you have and you are now looking for someone to help you to maintain your products - up to and past their EOL (End of Life) - you’re in luck.

Here at Data-Shield we offer comprehensive IT support services not only across Brocade products, but products from all of the major manufacturers, including the likes of Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi and IBM, to mention just a few.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and expertise with both legacy and contemporary data centre networking technologies, we help our clients to take full advantage of their IT infrastructures, enabling them to shift over to new architectures when they are ready, with complete immunity.

One point of contact for your EOL technical support needs

If you employ our services, you will be offered one, sole point of contact for all of your dealings and you can take comfort from the fact that you will be entitled to help from our dedicated 24/7 technical support centre.

When products go beyond their designated EOL date, most manufacturers and IT support service-providers cease to support that product. Of course, clients who have purchased these utilities and who have used them satisfactorily over a number of years, are not yet ready to change over to alternative products as they are still servicing their needs quite satisfactorily.

Certainty beyond EOL

Going beyond EOL is when many product users become nervous, feeling that they could be exposed if these products fail or cause problems once the EOL or EOS date has passed. Since the year 2004, Data-Shield has taken on the responsibility of maintaining and servicing these products beyond their EOL/EOS via the flexible maintenance support services contracts that we offer.

Not only will you have the security and peace of mind that one of our flexible contracts provides, but you can also save as much as 40%, by switching to or employing our services.

Protect your mission critical products

Many of the products that are still employed past their EOL are in fact mission critical. At Data-Shield we have set ourselves up to provide the necessary technical support to companies reliant on these products, from the likes of Brocade, so that they can continue using them for as long as they have a need. This enables companies to get the maximum amount of value from the products without interruption, and can invariably save those businesses money too.



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