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At Data-Shield, we’re one of the UK’s premier providers of multi-vendor storage area networks and data centre connectivity support. Working in collaboration, we partner with both high-end customers and IT solution providers to contribute the specialist expertise required to support mission critical equipment, without the staggeringly high cost that usually accompanies such a service.

In business for over 12 years now, we currently support, both directly and through contract agreements, in excess of 15 of the UK’s largest IT solution and support providers, over 250 of its largest organisations, and 24 per cent of the FTSE 500, demonstrating just how good we are at delivering the service we promise.


Part of this service involves extending the life of your SAN switches and directors, which we achieve through flexible maintenance support contracts. Using our expertise, we make it our mission to maintain your hardware and pride ourselves not only on our technical skill, but also our friendliness, helpfulness, and professional account management.

Typically saving our customers around 40 percent on vendor support pricing, it’s little wonder that businesses like yours can benefit from using us. Committed to offering continued support for as long as a platform holds some utility for your company, we can work with you to maximise the value from your existing systems and scale back your expenditure.

Cutting costs does not mean that we cut corners. With many of the products we work with being vital to the operation of their organisations, we believe in delivering a quality service, which is why those who use us are able to retain their equipment for such extended periods and save themselves money in the process.


One of our supported vendors is EMC, whose creations are often mission critical and essential to the continued efficiency and operation of the enterprises who use them. Such products are incredibly popular, being that they’re number one in servers by unit sales, and top for both converged systems and data protection.

Working with the enterprises who use this equipment, we make it our mission to keep it fully functional for as long as possible, to the benefit of your business. This is not only handy for your company in terms of keeping everything running smoothly, but also increases its cost-efficiency by reducing the need for newer and more expensive equipment to be installed.

If you're a company utilising EMC products, the takeaway from this is simple: here at Data-Shield, we can help you. Ideally suited to providing specialist support and also increasing the lifespan of your equipment, we’re always here and able to assist you.

To learn more about what we do or the sorts of service we could offer you, get in touch with us today.



Emc EOL Support & Overland storage support

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