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Many of Fujitsu products are mission critical and vital to the operation of many organisations. It is Data-Shields' objective to enable those companies to retain this equipment for as long as they need and as cost effective as possible.

Below is a list of critical equipment that has gone 'end of life' or 'end of support'.

Model EOS Date
Fujitsu ET-DX80-S2 ETERNUS DX80 S2 31/12/2014
Fujitsu M3000-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server SEWxxxxxx 31/03/2016
Fujitsu M4000-2W-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M4000 2-way (SEExxxxxx) 31/03/2016
Fujitsu M5000-2W-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M5000 2-way (SEFxxxxxx) 31/03/2016
Fujitsu T5120-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5120 (SECxxxxxx)  10/03/2016
Fujitsu T5140-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5140 (SETxxxxxx)  31/03/2016
Fujitsu T5220-4C-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5220 - 4 Core (SEDxxxxxx)  30/06/2015
Fujitsu T5220-8C-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5220 - 8 Core (SEDxxxxxx)   30/06/2015
Fujitsu T5240-8C-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5240 - 1 x 8C CPU (SEUxxxxxx)   30/06/2015
Fujitsu T5240-16C-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5240 - 2 x 8C CPU (SEUxxxxxx)    30/06/2015
Fujitsu T5440-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5440 - 4 way (SEVxxxxxx)    30/06/2015
Fujitsu T1000-FJ Fujitsu T1000 31/03/2015
Fujitsu T2000-4C-FJ Fujitsu T2000 4 Core 31/03/2015
Fujitsu BX620-S4 PRIMERGY BX620 S4 Blade 31/03/2017
Fujitsu MBX920-S1 PRIMERGY BX920 S1 30/06/2017
Fujitsu BX920-S2 PRIMERGY BX920 S2 30/06/2017
Fujitsu BX922-S2 PRIMERGY BX922 S2 Blade 31/12/2017
Fujitsu BX924-S3 PRIMERGY BX924 S3 Blade  31/12/2017
Fujitsu RX100-S6 PRIMERGY RX100 S6 30/09/2016
Fujitsu RX200-S2 PRIMERGY RX200 S2 31/03/2015
Fujitsu RX200-S6 PRIMERGY RX200 S6  30/06/2017
Fujitsu RX300-S2 PRIMERGY RX300 S2 31/03/2014
Fujitsu RX300-S3 PRIMERGY RX300 S3 31/12/2015
Fujitsu RX300-S4 PRIMERGY RX300 S4  31/12/2014
Fujitsu RX300-S5 PRIMERGY RX300 S5   30/06/2016
Fujitsu RX300-S6 PRIMERGY RX300 S6   30/09/2017
Fujitsu RX330-S1 PRIMERGY RX330 S1   30/06/2016
Fujitsu RX330-S4 PRIMERGY RX330 S4   30/06/2016
Fujitsu RX600-S4 PRIMERGY RX600 S4   30/06/2016
Fujitsu RX600-S5 PRIMERGY RX600 S5   31/12/2016
Fujitsu TX100-S3 PRIMERGY TX100 S3   30/06/2016
Fujitsu TX140-S1 PRIMERGY TX140 S1   30/06/2016
Fujitsu TX150-S6 PRIMERGY TX150 S6   30/06/2016
Fujitsu TX200-S2 PRIMERGY TX200 S2  30/06/2014
Fujitsu TX200-S3 PRIMERGY TX200 S3  31/03/2015
Fujitsu TX200-S4 PRIMERGY TX200 S4  30/06/2016
Fujitsu TX200-S5 PRIMERGY TX200 S5  30/06/2016
Fujitsu TX300-S4 PRIMERGY TX300 S4 30/06/2016
Fujitsu TX300-S5 PRIMERGY TX300 S5 30/09/2016
Fujitsu TX300-S6 PRIMERGY TX300 S6 30/06/2017

All information shown is correct according to the information we have at the time of compilation. For official information you should contact the manufacturer. Some vendors do not release end of life information far in advance of terminating support, others may only advise customers and not publish the information.

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