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Hardware vendors regularly draw a line under the life of a product line and it's understandable, as they have to limit their commitment to product support at some point. The problem is that often the products are still in use in many places around the world, and may well continue to carry on working for many more years.

No business wants to waste money throwing away products that are still working perfectly well. Fortunately, Data-Shield has the solution with end of life (EOL) support for Hitachi equipment that helps you get the best return on your hardware investment.

Data-Shield operates purely in the IT and telecommunications data centre sector so we're specialists at supporting networking and storage area network (SAN) kits. Hitachi will eventually announce end of support (EOS) dates and EOL dates for its products.

These dates are exactly what they say. The first is the date at which they will stop supporting a product - no longer providing firmware and software updates, regular maintenance and (in some cases) making replacement parts. It is sometimes possible to get support from a vendor after an EOS date but it will be through an extended service contract that will be much more expensive than a regular one, because the support will be provided to a much smaller number of customers.

An EOL date takes it just one stage further - the product will no longer feature at all, it's reached the end of its life as a viable product for the vendor. They may sometimes remove support material, drivers and firmware updates from their website, although many vendors let it stay and just don't update it. It's often the case that collateral for EOL products stays online until a new support website is built and at that point old content is just not transferred to it, rather than any planned cull.

As we have said, this is all understandable. It's not reasonable to expect any manufacturer to support every product that's ever been sold, because the cost of doing so would eventually throttle the business. The electronics industry is renowned for being fast moving so it's actually to many network hardware vendors credit, including Hitachi, that they keep support going for a relatively long time in an industry where progress is so fast and obsolescence cycles very short.

But products moving towards EOS and EOL dates don't necessarily have to be thrown away. With the vast amount of knowledge and skill that Data-Shield has to offer, we will be able to support your Hitachi hardware regardless of these dates. We will support Hitachi equipment until you are ready to stop using it.

If you're operating a data centre and want to keep perfectly good Hitachi networking and SAN equipment maintained and inspected, contact us now to discuss a Hitachi EOL support contract.



Hitachi EOL Support & Overland storage support

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