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Although it's understandable that vendors have to draw lines under their support commitments somewhere, it's annoying when end of life (EOL) dates are announced for equipment in data centres that appears to be perfectly serviceable, now and into the future.

That's where Data-Shield's EOL support comes in, providing a solution that helps you extract the maximum service out of every piece of kit, enabling you to better balance your books and improve profitability.

HP and EOL

As a vendor, HP has been at the forefront of networking hardware and firmware for decades, and has always been renowned for producing quality kit and providing good support. But, as we said, eventually any vendor has to declare an end of support (EOS) date and then EOL for its products, because it's unreasonable to expect them to support everything they've ever made. This is particularly true in an industry where the pace of change is so rapid that products are superseded annually, with new versions coming out even faster.

What we do

Being 100% focussed on data centre IT support solutions, Data-Shield has an immense amount of in-house knowledge and skill that allows us to support your hardware past HP's deadlines, into and out the other side of the EOS mark and then past EOL - in fact, until you stop using that particular platform.

We're particularly confident of keeping networking hardware going until you've extracted the maximum value from it. Although hardware failures aren't unknown, there's no reason why purely electronic equipment, with few if any moving parts, shouldn't go on for years as long as it is properly cooled, kept free of dust and inspected and maintained regularly.

Hard drives are, of course, slightly more prone to hardware failure. Nothing spinning that fast, with such fine tolerances, can go on forever. Our technicians are skilled at monitoring hard drives to spot failures as far in advance as possible and recommend replacements.

Data-Shield will look after your HP data centre hardware until you have finished using it, not when HP declare an EOL date.

How we can help

Data-Shield has now become one of the largest providers of storage area network (SAN) and data connectivity equipment. With the strong links we've built up with the major networking vendors, we have unrivalled access to HP's support staff and information. Our engineers are accredited for all major vendors, not just HP, so are able to support EOL HP products and the kit they connect to.

We also know when products are reaching EOL, so we can make sure that we and our customers are prepared. HP servers, blades, switches and other SAN products can run way past their EOL dates with proper care and Data-Shield is more than capable of providing that proper care.

If you would like to get the maximum return on investment for the HP products in your data centre, talk to us about an HP EOL support arrangement today.



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