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Many of IBM products are mission critical and vital to the operation of many organisations. It is Data-Shields' objective to enable those companies to retain this equipment for as long as they need and as cost effective as possible.

Below is a list of critical equipment that has gone 'end of life' or 'end of support'.

Model EOS Date
IBM BL-CENTRE-E Blade Chassis E (8677-XXX) 31/12/2013
IBM BL-CENTRE-H Blade Chassis H (1886, 7989, 8852-XXX)  31/12/2015
IBM BL-HS20-2 Blade HS20 (7981-XXX) 31/12/2015
IBM BL-HS20-1 Blade HS20 (8678, 8832-XXX)   31/12/2015
IBM BL-HS20-3 Blade HS20 (8843-XXX)    31/03/2015
IBM BL-HS21 Blade HS21 (8853, 7995-XXX)    30/06/2015
IBM BL-HS40 Blade HS40 (8839-XXX)    31/12/2015
IBM BL-LS20 Blade LS20 (8850-XXX)    31/12/2014
IBM BL-LS21 Blade LS21 (7971-XXX)    30/09/2015
IBM BL-LS41 Blade LS41 (7972-XXX)     31/12/2015
IBM X326 xSeries 326 (8848, 7969-XXX)     31/12/2015
IBM X330 xSeries 330 (8674, 8675-XXX)     31/12/2008
IBM X335 xSeries 335 (8676, 8830-XXX)     31/12/2009
IBM X340/NF4500R xSeries 340/Netfinity 4500R (8656-XXX)      31/12/2008
IBM X3400 xSeries 3400 (7973, 7974, 7975, 7976-XXX)     31/12/2015
IBM X3400-M3 xSeries 3400 M3 (7379-XXX)     31/12/2008
IBM X342 xSeries 342 (8669-XXX)     31/12/2008
IBM X345 xSeries 345 (8670-XXX)      30/09/2009
IBM X3455 xSeries 3455 (7984-XXX)      31/12/2015
IBM X346 xSeries 346 (8840-XXX)      31/12/2013
IBM X3500 xSeries 3500 (7977-XXX)     31/12/2015
IBM X3550 xSeries 3550 (7978-XXX)      31/12/2015
IBM X360 xSeries 360 (8686-XXX)     31/12/2008
IBM X365 xSeries 365 (8661,8862-XXX)     31/12/2015
IBM X3650 xSeries 3650 (7979-XXX)     30/06/2015
IBM X366 xSeries 366 (8863-XXX)     30/06/2015
IBM X3755-M2 xSeries 3755 M2 (8877-XXX)     30/09/2015
IBM X3850 xSeries 3850 (8863-XXX)     30/06/2015
IBM X3950 xSeries 3950 (8872-XXX)     31/03/2015
IBM X440 xSeries 440 (8687-XXX)     31/12/2008
IBM X445 xSeries 445 (8870-XXX)     31/12/2009
IBM X460 xSeries 460 (8872-XXX)     31/03/2015
IBM X460MXE xSeries 460 MXE (8874-XXX)     31/03/2015
IBM RXE100 xSeries RXE100 (8684-XXX)     31/12/2011

All information shown is correct according to the information we have at the time of compilation. For official information you should contact the manufacturer. Some vendors do not release end of life information far in advance of terminating support, others may only advise customers and not publish the information.

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