The Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) industry is changing more rapidly than ever. When Data-Shield started in the UK in 2004, the industry was a lot different than it is today. Over the last 17 years we have seen many mergers and acquisitions, with new TPM’s entering the UK marketplace. This has made the challenge of finding a reliable, cost effective Third-Party support Partner more complex.

That’s where we can help you! We understand the challenges facing your IT Departments, especially when your data centre equipment goes end of life. Sometimes this may mean that your equipment is outsourced to multiple different companies. We can take this complexity away from you by maintaining all of your EOL equipment under one roof and remove the hard work for you. With our highly skilled engineers and our strong global partnerships we not only ensure that you have the best support in place, but that you only have to place one call. That reassures you that you have one point of contact for any maintenance issues that may arise. Splitting out your maintenance support to multiple companies can increase risk to your business when a fault arises. We can reduce this risk to your business whilst helping you reduce costs.

But why Data-Shield?

Personal Approach

Unlike much larger TPM companies, we ensure that our business concept remains to keep the ‘personal approach’ at the forefront of everything we do. We want your experience of placing support with us to be hassle free as possible. Once you place your support with us, we take care of the rest! If you need to place a maintenance call with us, we have our 24x7x365 dedicated support team on the other end of the phone. There are no annoying automated systems to log into to raise a ticket, or multiple phone options to go through to get to a real person. Once you let us know the details of the problem, we will handle the rest whilst you can get back to managing other important tasks.



Here at Data-Shield we pride ourselves on our ability to fit to your organisation’s needs. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to I.T support. If you get in touch with our dedicated sales team with exactly what your requirements are, we will create a tailored solution that is solely focused on being the best fit for you. We can also advise on the best package for you that can guarantee your critical infrastructure is fully supported. Whether this a 30-day support contract to a multi-year contract, we will not suggest a Service Level Agreement that you simply don’t require. We work together to guarantee that it is your needs that are catered for, not ours.

Cost savings

We know that the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) ongoing support contracts are costly and often very inflexible to your changing business needs. At Data-Shield we help to keep your ongoing support costs down but still maintain all of your critical IT inventory. We can typically save you up to 70% of OEM costs and we have a long track record of being extremely competitive against other TPM providers. We also offer a variety of savings solutions such as multi-year discounts, renewal discounts and “No Call, No Premium” contracts. We can also help save costs by utilising any engineering capabilities that you already have in-house, by providing a parts only or remote support contract.


Not only will you receive all these benefits by placing your maintenance support with us, you will also receive:

  • UK based 24x7x365 Helpdesk
  • Dedicated Regional Account manager and & support team
  • Expert support for all of your equipment
  • Engineers that have BPSS & Security Clearance
  • Quotations typically turned around in 24 hours
  • Guaranteed no annual or mid-contract price hikes
  • Can co-terminate contracts so they can all fall at the desired time.
  • We are an ISO accredited business
  • We also have access to a wide network of trusted & vetted partners that we’ve worked with for over 17 Years.
  • Data-Shield is not driven by shareholders, our owners are actively involved in the business and are personally dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.




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