Many employees have worked remotely for months now as a result of the global pandemic. Many will still continue to do so going forward due to these changing times. During this, many businesses and public sector organisations have established technical measures that enabled remote workforces to operate securely.

Now, as companies begin opening their doors, and employees slowly return to their places of work , it is vitally important for business owners to audit their technical capabilities and make sure that any changes that may be needed, can take place safely, securely and as cost efficiently as possible.

Returning to the office doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning all of your Work From Home set-ups. Your workforce will likely consist of some remote workers, even after businesses reopen. Completing a technology audit and gap analysis as employees transition back to the office will ensure remote workers and those returning to the office have what they need to perform well and work securely. It is critical to conduct a health check of equipment that may have not been reviewed during the UK lockdown to ensure that it is running to its optimal function.

It is so important that IT departments make sure that they have the correct level of support in place and all their hardware covered either by the manufacturer (OEM) if still under warranty, or by third part maintenance providers (TPM). At Data-Shield we understand that finances will be tighter than ever , so we will work with you to bespoke a support contract that meets all your requirements for now and going forward that will not impact upon your day to day running costs. We are multi-vendor TPM with 15+ years of experience and can typically reduce what you would pay to be supported by the OEM by up to 70%.

So now is the time to contact Data-Shield for a no obligation quote and see how much you can save. Get in touch

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